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Talitha Cumi Inspires Presents
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Inspiring Me:Inspirationalist/Motivationalist* Encourager*Edifier* Writer/Author/MarketingExec/Entreprenuer/Student/Teacher/Counselor/Poet* Singer/Artist*Mother/Woman/Abundant Life Giver/Lover of GOD*Jesus Christ*the Holy Spirit&Lover of the Infalliable* powerful* unadulterated life changing*mindrenewing*hope restoring*redeeming*providing*soul prospering and healing Word of the Most High God thru Jesus Christ!

Your'e a Diamond!

Your'e a Diamond!


God is always here for you...


You were created to SHINE!!

The Inspiration Behind “Shining Diamonds” Job 32:8 But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

Psalm 65:8 Those who live at the ends of the earthstand in awe of your wonders.From where the sun rises to where it sets,you inspire shouts of joy.

Inspiring Me: Inspirationalist/ Motivationalist**/ Encourager**/ Edifier**/ Writer/ Author/ Marketing Exec/Entreprenuer/Student/Teacher/ Counselor/ Poet** Singer/Artist*** Mother/Woman*** / Abundant Life Giver/ Lover of GOD*Jesus Christ* the Holy Spirit & Lover of the Infalliable* powerful* unadulterated* life changing* mind renewing* hope restoring* redeeming* providing* soul prospering and healing Word of the Most High God through Jesus Christ!

The Inspiration Behind Talitha Cumi Inspires: Talitha Cumi Inspires was actually birthed by God in 2001 as just Talitha Cumi, during my journey of healing and wholeness from past abuse, violence, anorexia, bullimia, addictions, suicide thoughts/attempts, hurt & pain; as well as all of the effects of these events.

The past pain has been used by God as a catalyst of compassion and driving force within me, by His abundant grace to touch and minister to the lives of others this amazing grace that saved my soul, healed my hurts, took my shame, removed all stains, mended my brokeness, fixed my heart, restored my years, wiped all my tears and placed my feet on solid rock of salvation, redemption, hope, healing and inspiration. God truly has touched, transformed, and inspired my life in ways that I could not place into just vague words.

Talitha Cumi, an expressed term from the text in Mark 5:41-42, is the greatest way that I can put into words what God has done for me and for my life.

Mark 5:41-42 And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, >“Talitha Cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel(Daughter, Young Girl, Child), I say unto you(I command, I will, I declare, I complete) you to) arise(get up, rise up, come up, move, progress, be whole, be well, ascend from that present position, state, place [of being: doing, seeing, believing, thinking] arise, into your true purpose and destiny).” 42 And straightway the damsel(the daughter) arose(was raised up, rose up, got up, ascended, went higher, progressed), and walked (moved forward, progressed further, prospered, went ahead, succeeded); for she was of the age of twelve years (mature, developed, taught enough to walk: go forward, progress, arise). And they(those who were around to witness this) were astonished with a great astonishment(amazement, wonder, awe, joyfulness, rejoicing, hopefulness, sense of inspiration).

The transformation that God's grace through Jesus Christ, my Lord has blessed to shine on me and my life, has been and continues daily to be so astonishing! Job 25:5 God is more glorious than the moon;he shines brighter than the stars. I compare it to being raised from the dead. I was once dead, in sin and had many dead places in my life. Pain, abuse, violence, disorders, addictions, depression, rejection and so much more, were all dead places. All places of dryness, drought, lack, despair, victimization and lifelessness. I had died many times within my soul, from all of the pain of the past, yet Jesus raised me up with His expressed transforming and inspiring word, "Talitha Cumi". With His word, God has changed my life. He has healed my soul. He has wiped my tears. He has calmed my fears. He has renewed me again. He has restored all those years lost to the pain and effects of abuse, rape, victimization, strife and violence.

Through the grace of the wonderous gift of God’s word, through Jesus Christ , our Lord and Savior, I have been made a daughter of Christ so very inspired, edified, encouraged, renewed, uplifted, restored and healed by His love.

Psalm 108:5 Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens.May your glory shine over all the earth. It is because of this life changing and astonishing grace, found in the amazing word of God that Talitha Cumi was changed to Talitha Cumi Inspirations and Motivations which matured and gained most of its momentum in 2006, by encouraging and minstering by via email to a few close friends and family. Who knew then that those few encouraging words sent out by email would begin to grow tremendously. I was led by the Lord, God to start placing words of inspiration and encouragement that I would journal during my own personal time of study, prayer and reflections with the Lord, as testamonials on www.streamingfaith.com . Once this occured, the inspiring email ministry had begin steadily growing from 25 local freinds and family to over 200 all over the U.S. and in 2 regions in Africa within a timespan of a year.

Psalm 112:4 Light shines in the darkness for the godly.They are generous, compassionate, and righteous. In 2008, Talitha Cumi Inpirations and Motivations was changed to Talitha Cumi Inspires, licensed and reaching out to touch t he lives of others all over the world by way of the inspiring email ministry, streamingfaith.com testamonials, facebook, and my space pages, hope for women, social media marketing mastermind, open social stuff and christian happy hour web network pages; as well as the Talitha Cumi Inspires the World Social Network and now this blog designed to minister to the lives of women, "Shining Diamonds". Too often women go through so much in life,that we often don't shine as God intended. Shine means to be brilliant, radiant, beautiful, refined, pure, dazzling, gifted, talented, happy, at peace and prosperous. We don't shine and thus, we fall into the mindsets that we are nothing more than products of our environments, circumstances, hurts, pains, and troubles leaving us to be fragmented, broken, incomplete and feeling like coals instead of diamonds.

The good news is, beloved,isthat no matter how much or how long any of us, has felt like just pieces of fragmented coals, meant to be used for nothing more than warmth and the pleasure of someone else, we are still meant to SHINE. SHINE we shall through the life changing, transforming and loving touch of the master refiner's hands, our Abba Father God, who loves us dearly and created us with the fullest intention for us to SHINE. Proverbs 4:18 The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn,which shines ever brighter until the full light of day. All of God’s creation of mankind, was created to shine as the light of the world. Shining bright in darkness so that others can see the glory and beauty of God. However women are created to shine brighter. Women are the givers of life, a beautiful attribute that comes only and directly from God!! Women are God’s DIAMONDS; created to arise and shine brightly!! Isaiah 60:1 “Arise, …! Let your light shine for all to see.For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you. Multifaceted, beautiful, gifted, talented, wealth, prosperous, joyous, brilliant and radiate with love and kindness, you were meant to be and shine! NO matter how life may make us feel like tossed, rejected, hurt, damaged, dirty, discarded pieces of coal; this is not who we are. Through God's love, we transform and metamorphisize into the beautiful diamonds we were creatd to be. God's love and grace, causes us to transform from tossed to treasured, from rejected to radiant, from dirty to dazzling, from hurt to happy and from being battered to becoming brilliantly beautiful. You are meant to be treasured as the beautiful dazzling creation God created you to be today! Right now! This moment! Today, Know.... YOU are meant to SHINE!

Daughters. Sisters. Mothers. Girlfriends.


WOMEN...YOU are meant to SHINE!

YOU are not Dirt, Dung, or Damaged! YOU are God's own Daughters! YOU are God's own DIAMONDS! YOU Shine in His hands! YOU are right now, through the grace, love, power, peace, patience, caring, compassion, healing that comes through your salvation and redemption.... SHINING DIAMONDS!

The rain has ended. The Son of God has risen with ALL POWER to conquer anything that could ever come to cloud and shadow your day! It’s over now. Let go of the past. Free yourself of the past hurts, sins, mistakes and traumas. God has caused His light and love to shine on you! Dry your eyes, take off those mourning clothes, allow God to dust off all the fragments of the past… from you today… He has ushered His great all embracing umbrella of love and hope to cover you today. ..


This is God's will for you today! He has done it and continues to do it for me...

He is waiting to do the same for you today... So come on ... SHINE! Diamond Shine!

Receive the light, life, laughter and love of God today! God is here for you and ready to bless you to experience the real you! You don’t have tohide away in obscurity anymore! You were created to shine and be showed off by your God, who loves you dearly! YOU are his daughter, his creation, His Diamond.

Your new beginnings start today.. as God’s Shining Diamonds! Shine Diamonds Shine!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earlier .. a friend sent me a wonderful word on Ruth...'Finding Yourself'

She found herself working in a field belonging to
Boaz. Ruth 2:3 NIV

Ruth's life was spiraling downward. Her husband died. She'd left her old home in Moab and wasn't accepted in her new one in Bethlehem. She was in survival mode, making the best of a bad deal by gleaning just enough to stay alive. Then God turned things around. The reapers began deliberately dropping handfuls of barley in her path. She started picking up undeserved blessings. Why? Because Boaz saw Ruth gleaning and told his workers, "leave them for her to pick up" (Ruth 2:16 NIV). Even though Boaz had never spoken directly to Ruth, she still received the blessing.

There's an important lesson here: You don't know what God has spoken over your life, but suddenly everything changes! Doors open, opportunities come, people you thought didn't notice you, or even like you, begin showing you favor. What's happening? Your steps are being ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23).When the Israelites came into the Promised Land God told them, I'm giving you "vineyards… you did not plant" (Deuteronomy 6:11 NKJV). God can put you in situations where others do the work and you get the benefit. And you don't even have to worry, or get jealous about somebody else getting what's yours, because nobody can glean it except you.

Ruth started out for one destination and 'found herself' in another.

When Boaz called her name, she came from the background to a
place of blessing in the foreground.
Instead of working in a corner of the field, she ended up owning the field. When God moves, that's how quickly it can happen. So be ready!

Above message was from Bob Gass –

The Word for Today – The VineDaily Bible Reading:Exodus 36-38, Matthew 9:27-38, Psalm 96, Proverbs 3:5-6

Thanks my dear freind and sister ,... so much for that!(You know who you are...)

Designed. Purposed. Treasured. Hidden. Prosperous. Blessed...Find You?

Dyanner Brown~ Talitha Cumi Inspires~ January 26, 2009
The writing above written by Bob Gass was so very inspiring to me, that I was reminded how, just on yesterday, I was just speaking about Ruth yesterday, to another sister in Christ who is also single! We were discussing how some single women that I've known, often seem to have a problem waiting on God and being consecrated fully to God. They often ask me questions like, "Dyanner, you just aren't interested in getting married again are you? You don't want to put yourself out there and date?" And the looks on their faces are just hilarious to me, just thinking about it. They look as if someone has given me a death sentence and they just feel so very sorry for me.

I have even had friends who have told me, "Oh, you just
need a man." "You are just a workaholic!" and my personal favorite
is this one, "You just need to come out of your comfort zone."
As I strive to fulfill the purpose on my life and allow God this season to be consecrated solely to Him and His will, I find that there are others who have more difficulty with my choice than I do, in living my choice. I choose to obey God and do what God has ordained me to do for the set season according to the purpose he has for my life.. knowing full well that though the weeping [time or season of struggle, sufferings in the flesh and natural] may endure [last, be] for night.. [a set time, a night season, a hidden season, a season of consecrating]; joy [rejoicing, blessings, ease, prosperity, reward] comes in the morning [a new time, a new day season, a time of refreshing, unveiling and shining]..

As I said, earlier, a friend of mine who actually understands the importance of consecrating oneself to God and going through a process of purification and perfuming.. both thought about how amazing it is, how many single women are still ...searching for love in all the wrong places. I see it every day. I happen to work at a college residential office and often see so many women of varying ages, races, skin tones, shapes and sizes. Though so much of their characteristics often vary and differ, one thing remains a constant: desperation to have a man in their lives, belongingness and intimacy. Some would rather have a man that will not work, will disrespect them, mistreat them, cheat in them and even beat them, than be alone. It is as if so many women have been brainwashed into thinking that the only means of worth is to have a man. So many of us are seeking for our abundant lives, wealth, esteem, worth and prosperity in the life of someone else, jobs and/or material things, outside of forming a life affirming relationship with God first!

But ...Is it really worth it?...When this abundance of life, things, money and worth is not attained by other means outside of God we are so very shocked that it does not work. Even if, by chance, whatever we seek after is attained, we do not have the momentum and drive to keep it maintained, due to a lack of teaching or understanding. You see, anything we achieve or attain, outside of God will only be for a short season. THats right, its only temporary. So.. all that hard work, manipulating, game playing, sex giving, food cooking, working and more working and bodily or fleshly exercise, works, or progression does not profit us little of nothing.

IT only last temporarily and we end up feeling like we have just wasting some
more time, less worthwhile with a lowered self image and self esteem of
ourselves and asking our selves.. "Was it really worth it?

Been there, done that...Of course, Ruth had already been there and done that. She went through when she was married to one of Naomi's sons, who was not really operating as the Godly preist of his household. If he were, though Ruth was a Moabitess, and worshipped other gods, when he married her, she would have converted then. Ruth did not. Ruth's life did not begin to change, until after her husband, who did not take a stand against idolatry she was committing, had died along with his brother and his father, who also had fallen prey to serving idol gods. There Ruth was with no money, no man and a mother law who was bitter. Nevertheless, despite Ruth's past, she made a choice to follow Naomi, her bitter mother in law and serve the one and only true and living God. Ruth chose to repent, which means to go another direction from your previous direction or path. Ruth had already been to sorrow and pain. She had already committed the acts of idolatry. She had already experienced not being in the will of God and not living life and made a conscience choice.

Obedience is better than Sacrifice...What I love most about the story of Ruth, is that Ruth submitted herself under the authority of the person that God had in her life to mentor, lead and teach her. She listened to what Naomi had to teach her and she hearkened to what was taught. Ruth then, out of obedience, went to work. She was not sitting around doing nothing and just hoping, wishing and praying for a man. In fact, when Ruth was out in the fields gleaning, she was not even looking for a man. While she was working, being busy and seeking out that which defined who she was in life; the man that GOD had positioned for her, found her.

The man that God had for her, was linked to and positioned
where her purpose and obedience was.
Imagine what Ruth would have sacrificed if she had not been obedient to Naomi..

Who am I? When we as women, ask ourselves and our Creator and Father God, the question, "Who am I?" instead of asking everyone and everything else; we learn who we are in God and find out our definition, worth, esteem and value in Him; as well as learn what our purpose is! We can then also begin working and walking in that purpose, ushering in the set season and time that God has purposed to open up the eyes of the Boaz, the blessing, that door of opportunity and the prosperity, that God has for us.

This also presents the awesome set time and season for the right purposed man of God to find, us as his wife.

A change of Focus!WHen our focus becomes the Master of all men, instead of being focused on having a man, thats when God will focus on us and ensure that we learn truly who we are and what we can accomplish in Him, while we are single.

WE will also realize truly what defines us, what our worth is, what
our purpose and potential is in God, the only one who can define and determine who we are and we then can begin having and enjoying the abundant life that Jesus Christ came to give us as a single woman.
Being happily single with sound, stable and peacefilled emotions, well being, health, and prospering in the Lord and in life is a pre-requisite to being happily married with all these things. If it is not attained or on the way to being attained, while one is single.. there is a distinct possibilty that it may be difficult to, after one is married. Whatever the state of mind someone is, prior to marriage, is the way it will be afterward. If we think that we are nothing, have nothing, be nothing and that we are tore up from the floor up.. while we are single.. Guess what??.. We will still be whatever we think we are, when we are married, only then, it will be so much more magnified to a greater degree, since there is more than just the one individual. There are two separate individuals which will merge and become one. ... However, whatever experiences, situations, circumstances and environments we saw in our lives , is most likely what we will draw back into our lives, unless we have learned who we truly are is derived from our relationship in and with Christ.

What you saw... you will draw... into your life..

What you Saw.. you Draw.. When we have looked into the mirror of our own souls and lives.. and have derived some vision of who we are, whether good or bad. Beloved.. whatever we saw... that is also the people we will draw... into our lives.. If we saw ugly, torn up, messed up, washed up, pitiful, broke, busted and disgusted.. You guessed it... THat is what we will most certainly draw into our own lives.. If we want prosperous, successful and life affirming people in our lives, we must first see this person within ourselves. Ruth was blessed because she was obedient, she listened to her mentor and teacher, she followed leadership and she was busy working in the field where the harvest was. Because she was purpose minded and wiling to work for her own prosperity, God blessed her with the man who owned the fields she was working in. What a way, for God to reveal his word.. "Don't despise small beginnings"! Ruth found herself in God, her purpose and the blessing that God had for her! But if she had not found herself, found God and turned her nose up to working out in the fields.. she would not have been in the right place at the right time and in the perfect season to be found.. by the right man.... that would ultimately lead to the great purpose of being part of the lineage and ancestry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! What an awesome purpose !

The right place and
the right time, is all
in God for you to shine!!

Find yourself.. Find Christ, Find your
Find Peace and
FInding oneself is definitely key! WHen we find ourselves, then we find out who we are in GOD! We also determine what our true potential and identity is in Him. This builds and establishes our sense of self, our self worth and self esteem in Him, creating and validating us to be more stable, composed and definitely more confident and assured in Christ, Jesus and His word to us. We find our purposes and we become surrounded by His favor, His love and we become completely hid in HIM. Therefore, we then, can find and achieve our abundant life, prosperity, wealth, peace and all that we need.. in this life, including the ability to be found by the Boaz and not the Bozo.. that God has for us!!!!

~Proverbs 31 ~"Who [but a true man of valor, worth, honor, integrity, godly character, distinction, and of God, A Boaz not a Bozo, a Jacob, not aJoker, an Issac not an Ishmael, The KING and not the Slave] can find a virtuous [pure, virtue holding, strong, empowerd, educated, rare, refined, beautiful, multifaceted, rich, precious, powerful, prosperous, fruitful, productive, accomplished, annointed, hidden, treasured, shining, successful] woman? Her price [worth, value, esteem, strength, character, wealth, cost, prosperity, fruitfulness, annointing, and purpose] is far above [much more greater than] rubies [a precious strong gem of passion, treasured and hidden in the earth, made by God's hands]."

You are Treasured!!





You are so much more hidden and treasured, more valuable, more more strong, refined and shine so much more in the eyes of God.. than rubies.. You are not coal.. to be used for warmth and passions, and then discarded, beloved.. You are a refined, rare, treasured by God, by the His mighty refiners fire.. as His rare, precious, valuable and most esteemed DIAMOND.. in the earth.. You were designed, skillfully and uniquelly to Shine in and for HIM for all the world to see His brilliance in and on you!

So.. Keep on Shining Beloved of God! ~ Love ya much!

Wow.. now I was not planning to write all of that, but I am certain.. that it was a word that I blessed and inspired me as I was being inspired of God to write it. Perhaps you were inspired and know someone else.. who also needs to know how special and valuable they are to God today.. Send them an inspirational word.. today.. You will be inspired and glad that you did..

Remember ... God desires to shine through
in all that you do in this life!
He desires for His love to eminate from you and illuminate and inspire the lives of those you come in contact with in business, in family and in life!! You are right now.. blessed to be a blessing in the world...

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Big hugs and keep on shining the love and light of Jesus Christ in all that you do and say, everyday.. as His beloved diamond!!

Aspire to Arise to be more than you ever imagined & thought that you could ever be!Dyanner Brown~ Talitha Cumi Inspires~
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Let the beloved of the Lord, rest secure in Him. The Lord guards them all day long. The beloved of the Lord, rest between His shoulders...~Deuteronomy

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